V/A "Dope On Plastic 3" Vinyl LP

V/A "Dope On Plastic 3" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $18.99

Originally released for RSD 2017, this incredible sampler features Adlib Swayze and an all-star roster of European and Russian beat makers!

 Track List: 

1) Brain Damage (Prod. by Green Boodah)

2) Cheechong (Prod. Adlib Swayze)

3) Xeop (Prod. by Smuff Tha Quiz)

4) Hip2Hop (Prod. by Wonder K)

5) Skip Proof 83, 3 BPM Scratch Samples

6) Wacky Tribe (Prod. by Planet Ragtime) 

7) My Street (Prod. by Klim Beats) 

8) Style (Shina Scratch) [Prod. by CTBZ)

9) Chinmachine Scratch (Prod. by NMCP Studio)

10) At The Launch Site (Prod. by Boora)

11) Skip-Proof 83,3 BPM Scratch Sample 

Type: Music

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