V/A "Soul Sok Sega"

V/A "Soul Sok Sega"

2X Vinyl LP - $31.99

S’©ga is the traditional music of Mauritius (a small island off the coast of Madagascar) and is known as the "blues" of the Indian Ocean. The music was born during the 17th to 19th centuries by African slaves seeking relief from harsh conditions in sugar cane fields and on colonial land by dancing to improvised music incorporating rhythms from their homelands in West Africa, Mozambique, Zanzibar or Madagascar. From these diverse African influences sprang a new, insular dance and music, the s’©ga.

Though initially looked down upon, by the mid-1960s s’©ga music had become a symbol of national pride and identity for Mauritius. With the advent of electric instruments, the influx of funk, soul and jazz from the West and the growth of LPs, s’©ga went commercial. Dancefloors started grooving to a more soulful, funky s’©ga beat and s’©ga artists popped up all over the island with a new generation of charismatic singers becoming national stars. S’©ga, sung in Cr’©ole, now united all the communities of the island. Mauritians from the European, African, Indian and Chinese communities, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, all danced and enjoyed s’©ga.

Following excursions into rare tropical and island sounds with the Sofrito series, and the Haiti Direct and Calypsoul 70 albums, we're proud to present a collection exploring the incredible s’©ga sounds that emerged from Mauritius during the 1970s, Soul Sok S’©ga, compiled by DJ duo La Basse Tropicale (Natty H’‚ and Kons’_le), based in the neighbouring island of La Reunion.


1.ξTi L'Afrique - Soul Sock S’©gaξ
2.ξJean Claude - Mademoiselleξ
3.ξGeorgie Joe - Elizaξ
4.ξJohn Kenneth Nelson - Manuel Bitor
5.ξMarie Jos’©e & Roger Clency - La Vie En Badinageξ
6.ξClaudio - Bonom Chinoisξ
7.ξLes Stardust - S’©ga Lenoirξ
8.ξCoulouce - L'Amour Artificielξ
9.ξClaudio - Bhai Abooξ
10.ξChristophe - Mo Parrainξ
11.ξCyril Labonne - Pop Soul S’©gaξ
12.ξHarold Berty - Mone Lasser Dire Toi
13.ξMichel Legris - Elidaξ
14.ξCatherine Velienne - Mo Mari Fini All’©
15.ξJean Claude - S’©ga Souvalξ
16.ξRamone - Nouveau Venu Dans L'Endroitξ
17.ξJohn Kenneth Nelson - Z'Enfant Mis’åre
18.ξGeorges Jean Louis - Afro Mauricien
19.ξYoyo - Coco Mamzelleξ
20.ξChristian Toss’© - Madame Zeanξ

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