V/A ''Bazzerk: African Digital Dance'' 2X Vinyl LP

V/A ''Bazzerk: African Digital Dance'' 2X Vinyl LP

Vinyl - $22.99

Bazzerk is an experimental, global and upfront dance music & entertainment project. I would rather summarize it as "Jess & Crabbe's new Kuduro project, a double CD/double LP compilation of mainly exclusive tracks featuring the very best of Kuduro artists, newcomers and confirmed talents alike, from Angola to Portugal by way of South America." That's when you'll probabaly add a question about what "Kuduro" might be... Basically, it's a combination of traditional Angolan culture (melodies and dances) with raw electronic instrumentals aiming straight to the dancefloor.

Track Listing;

A1. Dj Marfox - Rdio Oxignio AM
A2. Pacheko - Lamissy
A3. DJ Wilson - Doutro Mundo (Bonus)
A4. Diamond Bass - Stereotype (Global Bass version) (Bonus)
A5. Dj D Marcel - 2o Round
B1. DJ Santiago - Melodia de 2011
B2. Dj Nedwyt-Fox - Hino Dos Mil Mambos
B3. Captain Bubbles - Nerima Funk
B4. DJ Zizisso - The Revolution
B5. DJ Rick & DJ Wilson - Na Paz
B6. Dj Santiago - Batida Com Emoo
C1. DJ Wilson - Nosso Regresso [2O11]
C2. Cabo Snoop - Windek
C3. DJ PM - O ltimo Grito
C4. DJ Nigga-Fox - Para Vacalhar
C5. Batida - Tribalismo (Instrumental)
C6. Dj Patrick Ft. Black Power - Mo Choro
D1. DJ Ketchup - O Babo
D2. Bruno M - Takule Kuya
D3. Bruno M - Dana do Scomba
D4. Brulio ZP - Do Maioro
D5. Brulio ZP - Xtraga

Type: Music

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