V/A "Deep Disco & Boogie Vol. 1" 2X Vinyl LP

V/A "Deep Disco & Boogie Vol. 1" 2X Vinyl LP

Re-issue of 2 ultra rare disco & boogie tunes by China Burton & Razzmatazz...Essential!! a Big tip!

Kindred Spirits drop's its first 12" from the new Deep Disco & Boogie series. A collection of rare and in demand disco + boogie winners. Deep Disco & Boogie Vol.1 , is compiled by UK'S #1 disco dealer / digger Zafar Chowdry a.k.a ZAF A.K.A Pussclod.

The A-side features a sought after extended mix of a KILLER and ultra-rare disco track by China Burton, which has possibly one of the most heaviest break-downs around. On the flip you'll find the in demand boogie cut 'Set It Out' by Razzmatazz.

All tracks are fully licensed & lovingly remastered from the original studio tapes - get it them while you can!

1. China Burton - You Don't Care
2. Chemistry - Closer
3. G.C Cameron - Live For Love
4. Cash - Hot Thang
5. Master Force - Don't Fight The Feeling
6. Ricky Womack - I Need You
7. Ojeda Penn - Brotherson
8. TC James Orchestra and Fist-O-Funk Orchestra - Bumpsies Whipping Cream

Type: Music

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