V/A "Brazuca! Samba Rock And Brazilian Groove From The Golden Years (1966-1978)" CD

V/A "Brazuca! Samba Rock And Brazilian Groove From The Golden Years (1966-1978)" CD

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Amazing sounds from one of the greatest periods in Brazilian music – that heady late 60s/early 70s stretch when it seemed like everything was up for grabs – and new genres, new sounds, and new styles were being created all the time! This cooker of a collection focuses on the unique hybrid of funk and samba that took place at the time – a sound also known as Samba Soul, but served up here with a really well-selected batch of tracks that goes way past the obvious – to really reinscribe a whole new version of this musical generation, pulled together from rare wax of the 70s! The groove is bouncy and upbeat, but often has some cool unexpected twists and turns too – with titles that include "Mister Brown" by Bebeto, "Quem Vem La" by Marisa Rossi, "Turma Do Pole" by Arnaud Rodriguez, "16 Toneladas" by Moriel Vilela, "Sou Negro" by Toni Tornado, and "Tatarue" by Giovana.

Track Listing;

  1. Marisa Rossi - Quem Vem La
  2. Arnaud Rodriguez - Turma Do Pole
  3. Elzza Soares - Saltei De Banda
  4. Noriel Vilela - 16 Toneladas
  5. Toni Tornado - Sou NErgo
  6. Golden Boys - Segura Na Cintura
  7. Bebeto - Mister Browns
  8. Di Melo - Pernalonga
  9. Vera Lucia - QuenMandou
  10. Silavio Cesar - Beco Sam Saida
  11. Evinha - Esperar Pra Ver
  12. Giovana - Tatarue

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