V/A "Five Minutes to Midnight" 10 inch Vinyl

V/A "Five Minutes to Midnight" 10 inch Vinyl

Blues and Gospel were the early meat and potatoes of the Mississippi Records reissue catalog, and we're inclined to say that not too many people have a better grasp on the creme de la creme of that stuff than our Northwestern colleagues at Mississippi / Social Music. Right here we have a sublime collection of raw Sixties and Seventies guitar-based Gospel recordings. The fine folks at Mississippi / Social Music got the goods and they're here to testify on their co-release:

"Very austere & intense gospel performances culled from very small label 7"s. Lo-fi guitar based recordings from the 1960's & 1970's that will put the hairs on the back of your neck on end. No holds bared songs that tackle the meat of the matter only - birth, love & death. Gospel music that speaks of the human condition in a way that Christians & secular folks can get behind. Old school "tip on" cover. "

Super righteous and sincerely stirring stuff, with soul so deep, you're gonna need hip-waders just to listen to it! The recordings are amazing too! We're not sure how long it takes to get to Jesus, but this record might get you 10 inches closer! Housed in a sweet tip-on sleeve too! RECOMMENDED!


Track Listing:

A1. "This May Be The Last Time" (Missionary Mamie Sample)

A2. "You Better Mind" (The Skylifters) 

A3. "Clouds Hanging Low" (The Missionaries)

B1. "The Lord Will Make A Way" (The Sensational Six)

B2. "My Lord & I" (The Willenette Gospel Singers)

B3. "Stop Living On Me" (Rev. R Henderson)

Type: Music

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