V/A "Funky Sex Machines" CD

V/A "Funky Sex Machines" CD

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Soul Patrol strikes stronger than strong with 10 rare tracks from the 60's & 70's. Like the previous compilations, there are some gems to discover, some surprises and some "ear-openers", such as Dynamic Corvettes "Keep Off The Grass" or the ultra efficient "Close Your Eyes" by The Capprells and also "Alex Twister" by Joe Cotto y su Orquesta. Welcome into the Black Power sound, when soul music reflected political violence and misery, where dignity and freedom are above all.

Track Listing;ξ

  1. Detroit Sex Machines - 'Rap It Together'ξ
  2. James Polk & The Brothers - 'The Robot'ξ
  3. Big Al & The Star Treks - 'Funky Funk'ξ
  4. Dynamic Corvettes - 'Keep Off The Grass'ξ
  5. The Capprells With The Sul Brothers Band - 'Close Your Eyes'ξ
  6. Mr. Percolator - 'Got A Thing For You Baby'ξ
  7. Audrey Royal - 'Super Sexy Soul Man'ξ
  8. Kellee Patterson - 'Gonna Love You'ξ
  9. Barbara Morrison - 'Hey Boy! I Want Ya'ξ
  10. Joe Cotto Y Su Orquesta - 'Alex Twister'

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