V/A "Good God! Born Again Funk" CD

V/A "Good God! Born Again Funk" CD

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The Numero Group's 2006 release Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal examined what seemed to be a conundrum: gospel singers performing pious gospel songs, and devoutly, but doing so amid hot, sweaty, earthy sounds. Four years later, Numero returns with not quite a New Testament, rather a re-examination of a weighty tome. Born Again Funk lends new ears to a joyful strain of American composers and performers unafraid of expressing their devotion with both inspiration and invention.

Tracklisting;??1. Like A Ship (T.L. Barrett)??2. I'm Drunk & I'm Real High (Ada Richards)??3. Yes God Is Real (Gospel Echoes)??4. Packing A Grip (Golden Echoes)??5. Pray A Little Longer (Lucy Richards)??6. If Jesus Came (The Gospel Soul Revivals)??7. Troubles Of The World (Brother Samuel Cheatam)??8. I Know I've Been Changed (Victory Travelers)??9. God Will Answer (Jordan Travelers)??10. Same Thing It Took (Inspirational Gospel Singers)??11. Somebody's Watching You (The Sacred Four)??12. Peter & John (Andrew Watts & The Gospel Sto)??13. I Know Him (Holy Disciples)??14. Share You Love With The Master (Sensational Five Singing Sons)??15. I Thank You Lord (Little Chris & The Righteous 5)??16. Coming On Strong Staying Along (Sensational Five Singers)??17. Been Trying (Chicago Travelers)??18. I'll Take Jesus For Mine (James Austin) ????All products ship in 24 - 72 hours! Orders are downloaded to be processed Monday thru Friday at 9 am.

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