V/A "History of Queensbridge" CD

V/A "History of Queensbridge" CD

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History of Queensbridge' testifies how extraordinary the emulation is in the biggest blocks of council flats in the world. Through previously unreleased tracks, this compilation gathers Nas, Cormega, Mobb Deep, CNN, Tragedy Khadafi, Kool G Rap, Killa Sha as well as more underground artists like Bars & Hooks, Nature ... 'History of Queensbridge also offers great collaborations between Queensbridge MCs and neighbors from NYC, Brooklyn : Cormega & Busta Rhymes, Kamakazee (KL from Scewball) & Marley Marl, Killa Sha & Biggie Small



1. Cormega 'Testaments' 

2. Mobb Deep & ACD 'Block Life' 

3. Nas, Noreaga & Nature 'Triple Threat' 

4. CNN 'Live' 

5. Kool G Rap & Nas 'Holla Back To Dope' 

6. Cormega feat. Busta Rhymes 'Freestyle Shit' 

7. Tragedy Khadafi 'Real' 

8. Kamakazee (Screwball) & Marley Marl 'Smokes' 

9. Killa Sha feat Biggie Small 'Set It Up' 

10.Mobb Deep 'Freestyle 1994'

11. Nas feat. Kool G Rap 'Fast Life' 

12. Nore, Maze & Prodigy 'N luv thug'

13. Tragedy Khadafi, Noreaga & Meccalicious 'Strange Fruit' beats by Pete Rock

14. Imam Thug 'Death Missile 2' 

15. Bars & Hook 'QB Sabotage' 

16. Scrape Scrilla 'The Run In' 

17. Scrape Scrilla 'Ain't Playin' Wit' Ya' 

18. E Money Bag 'Gun Ring'

19. Kool G Rap & Havoc of Mobb Deep 'Thug Chronicles' 

20. Nature & Tragedy Khadafi 'Betrayal'

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