V/A "Scribble Jam Comp Vol 1" CD

V/A "Scribble Jam Comp Vol 1" CD

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A compilation made for the Scribble Jam 2003. Exclusive songs by Rhymefest, Mac Lethal, Murs, Slug, Illogic, and many more.


Track Listing; 


1.Jel - 'A B-Boys Anxiety'

1.Mac Lethal - 'The Birth of Spring'

2.Glue (Maker, Adeem & DQ) - 'Lullaby for the Sun'

2.Musab - 'Cut Throat'

3.Prime - 'Ain't a Game' 

3.Qwel - 'Vincent Van Gogh Coke AD' 

4.Iomos Marad - 'Each One Teach One' (feat. Zzaje)

4.Non-Prophets - 'Hey, Bobby'

5.Mars Ill - 'You Don't Stop'

6.Molemen & buck 65 - 'Making Wishes'

7.Skandal - '4 the Queen'

8.Pase Rock & Fat Jon - 'Join the Optimists'

9.Animal Crackers - 'Three Course Pork (verbage mix)'

10.Daily Plannet - 'Microphone Professionals' (feat. Capital D) 

11.Minor League (Blueprint, P Dunbar & Flip) - 'What!'

12.Atmosphere - 'Cats Vans Bags' (feat. Brother Ali)

13.Jon Doe (of the 1200 Hobos) - 'Gutted 8'

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