V/A "Taura Love's Picki People Vol.1" CD

V/A "Taura Love's Picki People Vol.1" CD

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Track Listing;ξ

1. 3 Steps to Emotion Xcuz
2. Back Ii My Routes M.Anifest
3. Summertime People T-Love
4. Lemon to a Lime Preach Jacobs
5. Dusty Grooves Dusty
6. Piece of Mind T-Love, Myka Nyne
7. Comin Up Kai Swivel
8. A New Soul Katrah-Queyξ
9. This Is the Jazz A cat called Fritz
10. I Just Wanna MC Preach Jacobs
11. Fly Away With Me Mercury Waters
12. Keep On Soundsciξ
13. Think They Make Geez T-Love, Chali 2na
14. Martinique Breiss
15. The Illness Soundsci
16. Don't Stop Niamaj
17. What Goes Up T-Love
18. Beat 348! The Last Geniusξ
19. Summer Rhyme Sequel T-Love, Yesh
20. Over Now Riddlore
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