V/A "The Green LP: Sour Stacks & Hustling Jacks" CD

V/A "The Green LP: Sour Stacks & Hustling Jacks" CD

CD - $12.99

Originally slated to be released in 2012 on 4/20 in Observance of the celebrated cannabis subculture in North America.The Green EP was spearheaded by then CEO of GoodFelons Records JOHN “BIG MAN” VENIZELOS. GoodFelons initial out the box release’s included Roc Marciano’s The Prophecy EP (12”) and Do The Honors (7”) featuring Dino Brave with production from Don Chalant (Arch Druids). Heavyweights of the Underground and Legendary MC’s were recruited to record material for The Green EP (Masta Ace, Guilty Simpson, MC Eiht, Ras Kass, Sean Price, Copywrite, M.I. of (Constant Deviants). Marco Polo was brought in to handle the production duties. Fast forward to 2013, John Venizelos faced a highly publicized legal trial which led to his current incarceration. While out on bail facing charges John granted his friends at SIX2SIX Records (exclusive rights) to release THE Green EP and ultimately a full length (LP) in it’s entirety. This EP is dedicated to the pursuit and full exoneration of JOHN “BIG MAN” VENIZELOS. FREE JOHN V!! 

Track Listing;

  1. (Intro)
  2. Copywrite - Customer Always Right
  3. Guilty Simpson - Bag It Up!
  4. MC Eiht - Smoke Sumthin
  5. Sean Price feat. Rock - I’m So High
  6. Masta Ace - All For Sale
  7. M.I.(Constant Deviants) - Chronicle
  8. Ras Kass - Smokers Story
  9. Sparrow The Movement - Rehab 
  10. Constant Deviants - Collie Gardens
  11. Constant Deviants - Kronicle (REMIX)


Type: Music

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