V/A "The Sultans of Soul" CD

V/A "The Sultans of Soul" CD

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During the 60s and 70s, like a volcano spewing out red hot lava, the American music scene churned out some of the most creative artists the world had yet to hear. Musical entrepreneurs sprung up like wildflowers during a spring rain. Together with the talented musicians they brought with them they were the architects of a new sound.ξ

Notable among these early entrepreneurs was Hadley Murrell. His gift for discovering and nurturing new talent became legendary. Combined with leadership, songwriting ability, production skills, a remarkable ear for for a hit song, and a knack for developing great songwriters and arrangers and artist, Hadley brought us some of the finest and most exciting music of the era. Get your head ready for Hadley Murrell and the Sultans of Soul.

Track Listing;

  1. Black Ice - 'Shakedown'
  2. Eddie Horan - 'I Like What You're Doing'
  3. New Bloods - 'I Found a Love'
  4. Eddie Horan - 'There's No One Else'
  5. Smoked Sugar - 'I'm a Winner'
  6. Freddi/Henchi & The Soulsetters - 'I Am Somebody'
  7. Black Ice - 'Post Card Love Affair'
  8. Roy & The Dewdrops - 'The One Who's Hurting is You'
  9. Freddi/Henchi & The Soulsetters - 'Mama Told Me To Watch Out'
  10. Carl Weathers - 'You Ought To Be With Me'
  11. Liquid Blue - 'Ain't That What You Want'
  12. Black Ice - 'The Wine is Bitter but the Grapes are Sweet'
  13. Smoked Sugar - 'Bump Me'
  14. Eddie Campbell - 'Yesterday When I was Young'
  15. Penguin Feet & Tear Drop Kid - 'Larry Move Your Hand'
  16. Howard Huntsberry - 'Bout Us'
  17. Trish - 'Caught Up In A Love Triangle'
  18. 2 The Future - 'Paradise'

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