V/A "Underground Overstood" CD

V/A "Underground Overstood" CD

CD - $12.99
Bay Area Entertainment and Apparel company Alchemetric LLC is proud to announce the arrival of their gripping new Hip-Hop compilation CD & DVD titled Underground Overstood. This multimedia collection features exclusive tracks by numerous underground heavyweights such as Kool G Rap, EDO G, Doodlebug, R.E.K.S. and plenty of other name brand artists. Underground Overstood also comes with a DVD included in the physical units, featuring never before seen footage and interviews with artists such as Immortal Technique, Kool G Rap, DJ Red Alert, EDO G, Aceyalone, Tajai from Souls of Mischief, and Pep Love.

Track Listing;

  1. Skribe - Overstand the Underground
  2. The Artifacts featuring Foulmouth Jerk - Comin' From
  3. Akir - Mindset
  4. Oktober Zero - Tunnel Vision
  5. Foulmouth Jerk - Saddam Hussein was on Angel Dust
  6. The High Life (Ray Joe & Beats Bang Fame) - PNOID
  7. JUICE - Long Time Coming
  8. Breez Evahflowin' - Refined Part 2
  9. Cee Knowledge (Doodlebug) - The Nutcracker
  10. Kool G Rap & The A-Alikes - To Live and Die in NY
  11. EDO G & Cosmic Krissy - Grieving
  12. Agent 23 - Rules to the Game
  13. L.I.F.E.Long - Change
  14. C Rayz Walz - Libra
  15. Deep Rooted - Bring it Back
  16. Pumpkinhead - Divine Roots
  17. Akir & R.E.K.S - The Good Life

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