Vince Staples "Summertime '06" 2X CD

Vince Staples "Summertime '06" 2X CD

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After a handful of various EPs and mixtapes, Long Beach native Vince Staples is set to drop off his debut album, Summertime 06.

The album will be executive produced by his label-head and the legendary producer, No I.D. A release date is set for June 30th, and Vince preaches the utter sincerity contained in the project:

“Ain’t nothing better than the truth. Like, I really did all that. I really seen all that. I really been around that my whole life.”

On June 2nd, he revealed the tracklist on Twitter. A few days later he shocked a majority of people, revealing a tracklist for a second disc, and explained the significance of the time period in his life:

“Summer of 2006, the beginning of the end of everything I thought I knew. Youth was stolen from my city that Summer and Im left alone to tell the story. This might not make sense but that’s because none of it does, we’re stuck. Love tore us all apart.”

 Track List: 

1) Ramona Park Legend (Part 1) 

2) Lift Me Up

3) Norf Norf

4) Birds & Bees

5) Loca

6) Lemme Know

7) Dopeman

8) Jump Off the Roof

9) Senorita

10) Summertime

11) Ramona Park Legend (Part 2) 

12) 3230

13) Surf

14) Might Be Wrong

15) Get Paid

16) Street Punks

17) Hang N' Bang

18) C.N.B.

19) Like It Is

20) '06

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