Vitamin D "Hard Times" CD

Vitamin D "Hard Times" CD

CD - $12.99

The Š—…Hard TimesŠ—È CD from Cold Busted label owner Vitamin D is a soulful trip hop experience with original yet vintage sounds and techniques, accentuated by the excellent analog mastering for all 20 tracks. It is cinematic, well executed, and diverse - all with those much appreciated warm, subtle sounds and pops.

Track Listing:

1. No Love For Hard Times

2. 9000 Look-A-Likes

3. The Drop By

4. Curse Of The Black Panther

5. Use Your Head

6. Messing Around

7. Rumble In The Park

8. Something Smells Funky

9. The Whole Wide Worldξ

10. Fire Island In

11. Hold The Phone For 2 Minutes

12. Chilling In The Land Of Make Believe

13. That's One Sly Fox

14. Eminent Force

15. Rotating The Hips

16. Time Out

17. Way Down Low

18. Illegal Cavity Search

19. Walking Through The Streets

20. Theme From 1971

Type: Music

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