Whirlwind D "Other Side" (Vinyl LP)

Whirlwind D "Other Side" (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP - $17.99

The follow up Lp by Whirlwind D featuring Oxygen, Chrome & Illinspired, Rola, Celone, JabbaThaKut, Specifik, Heavy Links, Tuffkut, Sir Beans OBE plus many more.


  1. When I Write feat Oxygen 
  2. Pioneers 
  3. B-Line Business 
  4. Crew Call feat Rola, Heavy Links, Chrome & Illinspired
  5.  Take Flight 
  6. 7 Eyed Monster 
  7. Avenger of Death 
  8. Other Side 
  9. Hate Makes Hate 
  10. Thank You featuring Project Cee, Specifik & The Dookie Squad

Type: Music

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