Wild Magnolias "The Wild Magnolias" CD

Wild Magnolias "The Wild Magnolias" CD

CD - $14.99

The Magnolias have even had a lasting effect on the world of hip hop with "Corey Died On The Battlefield" and "(Somebody Got) Soul, Soul, Soul" being sampled by artists such as Schoolly D, 3rd Bass, Geto Boys and the Jungle Brothers. With this reissue culled from the original master Get On Down turns every Tuesday into Fat Tuesday.

Track Listing; ????1. Handa Wanda ??2. Smoke My Peace Pipe (Smoke It Right) ??3. Two Way Pak E Way ??4. Corey Died On The Battlefield ??5. (Somebody Got) Soul, Soul, Soul ??6. Saints ??7. Meet The Boys On The Battlefront ??8. Ho Na Nae ??9. Golden Crown ??10. Shoo Fly ??11. Iko Iko

Type: Music

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