Will C. "Everyday Around The Cosmos" Vinyl LP

Will C. "Everyday Around The Cosmos" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $15.99



What happened when Will C. disappeared? Like Brian Wilson in the Sixties, this recluse of a man is becoming more and more known for his elaborate and highly inventive studio work, while shying away from the touring life. Spending the past few years under the wing of genius engineer Steve Desper, the man behind some of Frank Zappa and The Beach Boys' most universally revered works, Will returns with the fully realized LP Everyday Around The Cosmos.

An early contender for most aurally exciting and adventurous record of 2015, it is more warm and comforting than abrasive. Almost entirely lacking vocals, the music strikes a chord with the listener and true to the title, brings one on a cosmic journey. Containing no samples, these intricate songs began on piano and turned into living, breathing productions that reward those who brought their good pair of headphones. This limited vinyl LP format, is housed in a vintage style tip-on jacket containing a double sided 11x11 insert and full MP3 album download cards.

Side A:

1) Lighthouse (Part 1 and 2)

2) Arriving

3) So Long, Rae

4) Getting Older Now

Side B:ξ

1) Cycle Breaker

2) The World In Question

3) Take Flight

4) Lighthouse (Part 3)ξ

5) Road Trip

6) Moving On

Type: Music

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