Wordsworth "The Photo Album" CD

Wordsworth "The Photo Album" CD

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 As his name suggests, Brooklyn-bred artist Wordsworth is the epitome of a true Hip Hop wordsmith. In addition to appearing on a multitude of other artists' albums, such as BlackStar, A Tribe Called Quest: Love Movement, The Lyricist Lounge vols. 1 and 2; he co-created, starred in, co-wrote and produced MTV's groundbreaking sketch comedy series The Lyricist Lounge Show. Since then has released his acclaimed solo album titled "Mirror Music" and featured work in video games such as Saints Row to movie soundtracks such a The Spongebob Squarepants movie.

Also some if his recent works include The Dino 5, a children's Hip Hop album produced by legendary producer Prince Paul. In the midst of that releasing an album called The Show, with his supergroup EMC which consist of members Stricklin, Punchline and Masta Ace.

Wordsworth's new work lyrically and musically is refreshingly gritty, smart, and ripe with wisdom acquired through life experiences and incredibly compelling. "In my rhymes, I try to create pictures that illus- trate emotions," Wordsworth explains. "When people hear my album I want them to feel like I said everything they couldn't say, so when a song ends their response is, 'Word!' To put it bluntly, my album is like an audio art gallery of emotions." 

Track Listing:

  1. Destiny (feat. Adanita Ross/Producer: The ARE)
  2. Until I Win (feat. Range Da Messenger/Producer: Hezekiah)
  3. Betrayed (feat. Skeematics/Producer: Skeematics)
  4. Mirror Mirror (Producer: Hezekiah)
  5. Coloring Book (feat. Meleni Smith/Producer: The ARE)
  6. Vendetta (feat. Torae, TzariZM, DV Alias Khryst/Producer: TzariZM)
  7. Knock On My Door (Producer: Ervin L. Ford III)
  8. Don't Settle (feat. J Black/Producer: Frequency)
  9. Joy & Pain (Producer: Apollo Brown)
  10. Start Over (feat. Range Da Messenger/Producer: Archbishop)
  11. Big Dreamer (Producer: Style MiSia)
  12. 911 (feat. Torae/Producer: Dave Notti)
  13. The Oldest (Producer: Belief)
  14. Feel Me (Producer: Ill Poetic)
  15. All I Knew (feat. House Of Princess J)
  16. Vanish (feat. Punchline &Masta Ace/Producer: Apollo Brown
  17. Reach (Producer: Dave Notti)
  18. No Need To Explain (Producer: 13 Beats)


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