World Piecebook: Global Graffiti Drawings [Hard Cover]

World Piecebook: Global Graffiti Drawings [Hard Cover]

Hardcover Book - $28.99

Graffiti goes global in this third volume of never-before-published blackbook drawings from writers around the world.

Like the hugely successful volumes it follows, this latest collection mimics that most valuable of graffiti gear the blackbook. Nearly 200 private drawings by top artists from every corner of the globe are featured in this volume. Mirroring the revolutionary format of their previous books Piecebook and Piecebook Reloaded, Jenkins s and Villorente s World Piecebook presents rare and personal illustrations straight from the collections of artists such as: 

Daim, Loomit and Seval (Germany), 

Puppet (Sweden),

Zek, Virus, Dfek and Lust (Canada),

Kongo, Scien and Klor (France), 

Mad Victor Crew and Jay Flow (Korea),

Sirum and Linz (Australia), 

Lunar (Croatia), 

Yas 5 and Nesm (Japan), 

Dare RIP and Ezra (Switzerland), 

Peque (Mexico), 

Shake (Indonesia), 

Baker (Turkey), 

Sen 2 and Ske (Puerto Rico), 

Bates, Great and Swet (Denmark), 

Stan (Russia), 

Shok, Drax, Oker (England), 

Os Gemeos (Brazil), 

Smart and Zeus 40 (Italy), 

Dreadr and Motel 7 (Africa), 

Cake (Czech Republic), 

Katch (Hawaii), 

Dase (Israel), 

Shoe, Serch and Mickey (The Netherlands), 

Amos (Taiwan), 

Jorz (Greece),

Askew (New Zealand), 

And Chen (And C) China,

Stay (Norway), 

Heroe and Pez (Barcelona), 

Fat Heat and Mr.Zero (Hungary)

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