X:144 & SPS "M.E." CD

X:144 & SPS "M.E." CD

CD - $3.99

M.E. is a fiery mission statement of personal empowerment and Hip-Hop preservation. Marked by X's impeccable rapid-fire flow, his sinisterly sonic synthesized assault, and the jaw dropping turntablist tactics of DJ SPS.


1. Intro - X:144, Ragab, M.K.

2. The Call Out

3. To Self

4. 3 Degrees of Ventilation

5. Last Voice ??6. Almost Never

7. If the Shoe Fits - X:144, Hampton, T.

8. I'm a Slave

9. Lose Control

10. What If?

11. Endowed Release

12. Almost - X:144, Gold, Mauikai

13. From Self - X:144, Brooks, A.

Type: Music

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