X Clan "Return from Mecca" CD

X Clan "Return from Mecca" CD

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X-Clan, one of the genre's most powerful and influencial hip-hop crews ever, have returned after nearly a decade-long hiatus. Making its debut in 1990 with the classic To The East Blackwards, X-Clan was at the forefront of hip-hop's cultural movement. With hits like "Funkin' Lesson," "Head The Word Of The Brother" and "Raise The Flag," X-Clan secured hip-hop as a vehicle to advance the science and math of upliftment, popularizing the ideas of Malcolm X, Sonny Carson, Huey Newton, and Clarence 13X, while keeping dance floors packed. Led by Brother J, the Clan's founder and original lead MC, X-Clan is ready again to move your mind, body, and spirit.

Track Listing;

  1. Xclan Album Intro  
  2. Aragorn  
  3. VooDoo (RBX & Quazedelic)  
  4. Hovercraft Intro
  5. Why You Doin That?  
  6. Weapon X
  7. Speak the Truth (feat. KRS One)
  8. Positrons
  9. Mecca
  10. Prison (feat. Christian Scott)
  11. Atonement (feat. Jah Orah)  
  12. Brother Brother
  13. Funky 4 U (feat. Chali 2na)  
  14. Self Destruct
  15. Space People (feat. Quazedelic)  
  16. Trump Card (feat. Hannah Barbera)  
  17. To the East (feat. Abstract Rude and YZ)  
  18. Locomotion (feat. Brad X of the Kottonmouth Kings and Tri State of One Session)
  19. Americans (eat. Jacoby Shadd of Papa Roach)  
  20. 3rd Eyes on Me  
  21. Culture United (feat. Damian Marley)  
  22. Respect (feat. Tech N9Ne)



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