Zap Francis "Zap Francis" (EP)
Zap Francis "Zap Francis" (EP)
Zap Francis "Zap Francis" (EP)

Zap Francis "Zap Francis" (EP)

Vinyl EP - $10.50

Bleep are proud to release the debut EP of a mysterious producer named Zap Francis. These beats first aired on Black MilkŠ—Ès Boiler Room set about a year ago but other than that, not much is known about Zap Francis.

When Black Milk (rapper and producer from Detroit) was questioned on where the tracks came from, he answered: Š—“Zap Francis gave them to meŠ—?.

With this debut E.P., Zap delivers 6 tracks of instrumental hip-hop that soundtracks journeys across intergalactic realms.

From the opening hi-hat of shuffle and bass and synth-line drops of Š—…ScufferŠ—È, you know what you are dealing with here. The soothing tones of Š—…Spirit FeltŠ—È shows a more delicate side to the mysterious producer. From the neck-snapping snares of Š—…Chime EndŠ—È to the frenetic closing track of Š—…Age OfŠ—È, the self-titled marks a new era of ZapŠ—_


  1. Scuffer
  2. Igma
  3. Spirit Felt
  4. Moving Signals
  5. Chime End
  6. Age Of

Type: Music

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